This blog is a long delayed effort to share thoughts, opinions and stories from the Middle East and North Africa.  As of now I will mostly use it to document my own current travels in Tripoli, Libya and my experiences with the Libyan side of my family. In the future I hope to expand my focus to other countries. Some posts may reflect on the Israeli Palestinian conflict or comment on a change in American-Iranian relations.  There may be a personal story of a revolutionary in Libya or the latest news from Egypt.  I will likely share recipes for Arab or Middle Eastern dishes, describe an experience with Islam or talk about a popular television series.

Ezdehar comes from the Arabic word (loosely translated) for “blooming” in reference not only to the “Arab Spring” of recent years but also as a description for the opening of the eyes.  There are too many examples in American media that willfully or ignorantly mischaracterize aspects of the Middle East, especially in relation to American politics, often ignoring the history of the region and the differences and their importance between our cultures.  My goal is to do my part to alleviate some of this, to provide context to the nightly news analyses of the region.

As an American and I Libyan I will often write posts within those contexts i.e. what certain events have to do with American policy or having more personal accounts from Libya.  I’ve been to the region several times in my life so far and visited several countries.  I’ve also studied the region in depth for my bachelor’s degree with a minor in Middle Eastern Studies.  I hope you find this blog an entertaining and informative look at another culture.

dem socks

To get you into the mood, here’s a picture of me in the mountains my Dad grew up in.


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  1. Interesting blog. I was brought up in Malta in the 70s so have a particular view of Libyan people (many Libyan men spent a lot of time on the island at the invitation of Mintoff, the Prime Minister at the time. Not all of them behaved very well.). Your writing gives a refreshingly different perspective.

    • I’ve been to Malta a couple times. It used to be the only way into the country. I’m getting the impression that a lot of Libyans leave Libya when they want to get rowdy(ier) so that’s entirely believable.

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