Graffiti City

There aren’t many places you can go in Tripoli without the walls being covered in paint. Since the end of the revolution there has been no shortage of creative expression, which is significant in a country where political expression could be met with brutal backlash for over forty years. This is an album of all the samples I’ve managed to gather from Tripoli. At times taking the pictures could feel rather perilous. Much of the street art is well…off the street, so if the angles aren’t the best it was because I was trying not to be hit by cars as I took them. One of my cousins was kind enough to drive me around (again) at a time when there would be minimal traffic and he drove alongside me sometimes to block other cars from hitting me, sometimes backwards, so many thanks go to him.


The following section isn’t true graffiti really, but rather a series of commissioned images by professional artists along the wall of the former Gaddaffi compound, the Babliazia. I don’t know much about the artists, or if they are even Libyan, but the art is pretty cool. The biggest themes are war and revolution, no surprise.

The first post of the open gallery. An introduction.

DSC07194 DSC07196

DSC07197 DSC07198 DSC07199 DSC07200 DSC07201 DSC07202 DSC07203 DSC07204 DSC07205 DSC07206 DSC07207 DSC07208 DSC07209 DSC07210 DSC07211 DSC07212 DSC07213 DSC07214 DSC07215 DSC07216 DSC07217 DSC07218 DSC07219 DSC07220 DSC07221 DSC07222 DSC07223 DSC07224 DSC07225 DSC07226 DSC07227 DSC07228 DSC07229

I’m pretty sure the Shell sticker was applied later

DSC07231 DSC07232 DSC07233 DSC07234 DSC07235 DSC07236 DSC07237 DSC07238 DSC07239 DSC07240 DSC07241 DSC07242 DSC07243 DSC07244 DSC07245 DSC07246 DSC07247 DSC07248 DSC07249 DSC07251 DSC07252 DSC07253 DSC07254


Beyond here is the true blue graffiti, done by Libyan youth wherever they could find an open wall. The first few are from the front of the hospital.


DSC07256 DSC07259 DSC07260 DSC07261 DSC07262 DSC07263 DSC07265 DSC07269 DSC07250 DSC07257 DSC07266 DSC07267

This is a popular stencil around the city. It depicts the young man from Misurata that killed Moammer Gaddaffi. According to my cousin, loyalists made claims that he was a CIA agent, but most Libyans dismiss this notion, proud to have “The Leader” killed by one of their own. He was kidnapped and killed himself shortly after.

Sending Moammer to hell is a popular theme


Libya is in my heart

DSC07258 DSC07264 DSC07270 DSC07271 DSC07274 DSC07275 DSC07276

DSC07278 DSC07279 DSC07280 DSC07281


A common phrase among the loyalists was “we will be back.” This image calls them out for it. If it’s true, it’s taking an awful long time for them to do it.

DSC07283 DSC07284


Some of the following are the first few instances of street art in the city, apparently completed while the fighting was still going on elsewhere in Tripoli.

DSC07286 DSC07287 DSC07288 DSC07289 DSC07293 DSC07294 DSC07296 DSC07291 DSC07292 DSC07295 DSC07297


Sorry if these are a bit more difficult to see. They were drawn along the highway and i thought they were all cool enough to be worth a picture.


DSC07299 DSC07300 DSC07301 DSC07302

the Revolution and Amazigh flags

the Revolution and Amazigh flags

DSC07305 DSC07306 DSC07307 DSC07308 DSC07309 DSC07310 DSC07311

A large mural beneath a bridge done by my cousin's cousin

A large mural beneath a bridge done by my cousin’s cousin, Anwar Mana

DSC07313 DSC07314 DSC07316


Video game and Movie depictions are pretty popular

DSC07048 DSC07049 DSC07050


In Yefran, the old government post has been converted into its own museum of sorts. The broken, but still standing building is not only full of spent ammunition and war helmets, but the walls are covered in more victory slogans and images, almost from top to bottom.

DSC07173 DSC07174 DSC07175 DSC07177


DSC07178 DSC07179 DSC07180 DSC07181DSC07182 DSC07183 DSC07184 DSC07185DSC07186


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