A visual companion to “Tour” and the burdens of a weak internet connection


Due to the weak, inconsistent and unreliable nature of the internet connection here and the ever-changing policies of youtube and their tendency to make what used to be a simple process more complicated than it has to be, It has taken me nearly two days of nearly non-stop uploading to get a 10 minute video onto youtube, with periodic breaks for power outages and disconnection.

The following link is a video companion to the previous “Tour” post for those interested in visualizing what I have described.  Couple things of note: It is Ramadan currently and we went at a certain time of day when there is much less traffic than there otherwise would have been and for that same reason there has also been a noticeable effort to keep the streets at least a little bit cleaner since the holy month began so thankfully there is less trash strewn about the roads and on street corners. (unfortunately the same cannot be said about the power outages) The tour begins at the Baubliazzia, or the what’s left of the former Gadaffi compound and goes along the beach and throughout the city including around the old city and recently renamed “Martyr’s Square” (formerly the Green Square). There is perhaps less content than I would have preferred but I had to keep the video under 10 minutes in order to share on youtube and prevent me from waiting a week for its upload.  I’ll also likely not be uploading any more videos for the duration of my time here but will continue to take them, so expect more photo albums in the future.

And so without further adieu,,,

Also i have a twitter now for those interested in that kind of thing: @Al_ezdehar


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