Tales from Tripoli: An introduction

I’ve been in Tripoli for almost a month now and this is my long delayed attempt at a blog to keep track of my experiences and share them.  I’ll be updating every few days or so with observations, stories, and examples of culture until I catch up to where I’m at now.  A lot has happened and is still happening, including a trip to the mountains, a job (sort of) and recently the holy month of Ramadan.  I’ll be putting most of my posts into perspective of the revolution, its effect on the city and the mentality of the people from what I can see as well as sharing some personal family stories. I’ll likely be taking at least some creative license and I’ll be leaving out the names of my family members. I’ve also been taking a lot of video and pictures and will be sure to incorporate them into the page.  If I can, i’ll also be putting together a video documenting some of the changes along with interviews in order to create a clearer picture.  Enjoy.

Picture of Tripoli, Google Earth

Picture of Tripoli, Google Earth


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